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June 13, 2007

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Audi tours the world with Seal

When two of the most successful in their field get together, the result is a partnership of a special kind. Besides giving concerts all around the world, the British soul singer Seal tours the world as an Audi ambassador, representing the brand with the four rings.

"His amazing career is an unparalleled success story, characterised by extraordinary ambition, creativity and fantastic music. I am particularly pleased that Seal approached us with the proposal of entering into a partnership."

Ralph Weyler and Seal

Ralph Weyler, Board Member for Marketing and Sales at AUDI AG, can hardly hide his excitement about working alongside the exceptional English musician who has such an impressive record.

Seal has sold more than 15 million albums since he launched his career in 1990.

In the same period, Audi has sold more than 10 million cars – successful statistics from a successful duo, statistics to be proud of.

But success is not only the only thing that Seal shares with Audi. An enthusiastic photographer, he studied architecture and is also a technology enthusiast and a fan of flawless design. Sporty, sophisticated cars have a special attractiveness for the artist, a self-confessed engineering aficionado. The singer with the unmistakable, soulful voice has already made two appearances at Audi events so far this year.

At the Detroit Motor Show on 7 January 2007, Seal helped to liven up the atmosphere with his hit "Crazy". At the same time, a world first was presented: the Audi Q7 V12 TDI is the first car to have a twelve-cylinder diesel engine fitted as standard.

When Seal discovered the 500 bhp SUV, one thing was clear to him: "I have been driving an Audi Q7 with a petrol engine for one and a half years, and I use it almost every day. Yet my first thought when I saw the V12 TDI was: When can I get that car?"

Seal's Audi fleet already has one new addition. At his appearance in Las Vegas on 15 January during the presentation of the Audi R8, he took a seat in the brand new mid-engined sports car, and declared: "I want one!" Just a few weeks later, Seal was the proud owner of the first Audi R8 cars in the USA.

Superstar Seal is also meeting the latest member of the Audi model range, the Audi A5, in an exclusive setting – at its market launch in Germany. Under the motto “Talk of the Town”, special events are being held from 9 to 14 June in Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg. To make these events even more exclusive, Seal himself will be rounding off the formal presentation of the A5 with a live performance. Only the very best for this highly emotional coupé, which Audi chief designer Walter de’Silva created and has very proudly described as “the most beautiful car I have ever designed”.

Moreover, Seal maintains close contact with Ingolstadt. Being married to German supermodel Heidi Klum is not Seal's only connection with Germany – he also has close artistic links. Last year Seal made an appearance at the Audi Summer Concerts in Ingolstadt. His last album "Seal 1V" was an international best seller and received the "Bambi", Germany's principal media award, in 2004.

Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adelo Samuel was born in London in 1963, the son of Brazilian and Nigerian immigrants. At the age of eleven, he made his first stage appearance. Four years later he set off on a journey around the world. Seal took on various minor jobs, keeping his head above water working as an electronics engineer and designer of leather clothing. No wonder that Seal is fascinated by technically refined cars with sophisticated, sporty design. On the side, he intensively pursued his musical career, finally achieving a breakthrough in 1990 with the song "Killer", which promptly hit Number 1 in the UK charts.

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(June 9, 2007)

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