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June 13, 2007

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The all New Citroen C4 Sedan

CitroŽn will bring the C4 Sedan to market in several European countries from the last quarter of 2007. This vehicle expands the existing C4 range, made up of a 5-door hatchback and a coupť. The sedan, based on the C4 platform, features a longer wheelbase to maximise space at the rear, along with a large and roomy boot.

A vehicle of sophisticated styling, the C4 Sedan maintains the many qualities of the C4 in terms of equipment, driving pleasure and safety. It reflects CitroŽnís objective of bringing its customers vehicles designed for a more relaxed drive.


The C4 Sedan features an ergonomic driverís position designed to share information with its fixed-centred controls steering wheel and main driving parameters displayed in the centre of the dashboard.

It is also an exceptionally roomy vehicle (2.71 m wheelbase) whose user-friendly design provides each passenger with individual space.

With its impeccable road manners and well matched engines (1.6i 16V petrol engine and HDi 110 DPFS diesel), the C4 Sedan delivers real driving pleasure.

Onboard comfort is further enhanced by a wide range of driving aids (including cruise control and a speed limiter as standard, and Xenon dual-function directional headlamps) along with generous safety equipment.

The C4 Sedan is produced in Argentina, where it went on sale in April 2007. The Palomar plant, located near Buenos Aires, supplies South American markets. This model will be available in Spain from the last quarter of 2007.

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(June 7, 2007)

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