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June 13, 2007

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NISSAN'S Carwings Navi goes Wireless With iPod

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the introduction of a new audio feature that can play music stored on an iPod® through its CARWINGS-compatible HDD navigation system via Bluetooth® wireless technology. The new audio feature will first be available on the new Presage from June 7, and will become a standard feature for all upcoming new models in Japan.

Nissan and Mobilecast Inc. have jointly developed the Bluetooth transmitter designed to be compatible with the iPod.


Wireless connection with iPod The Bluetooth protocol connects the HDD navigation system with an iPod wirelessly – whether the iPod is tucked in a bag, clothing or just laying on the seat. High sound quality The system delivers high sound quality, on a par with a wired iPod connection Automatic switch between cellphone and iPod Bluetooth allows continuous onboard connection with both the cellphone and iPod Automatic mode-relay between the hands-free phone and iPod: the system automatically mutes the music when the cellphone is active, and reverts back to the iPod music Automatic mode-relay between data communications and iPod: the system automatically mutes the music during CARWINGS data communication, and reverts back to the iPod music Convenient operation for safer driving

Wireless connectivity with easy operation allows the driver to enjoy iPod music while helping to reduce driver distraction.

When the system recognizes a registered device, the Bluetooth connection is automatically activated. Operation is similar to conventional car audio system: the iPod can be operated via the touch-screen and multi-function control stack on the navigation system, as well as the steering wheel-mounted control panel.

All Photos: Nissan

(June 7, 2007)

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