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April 17, 2008

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Honda Aircraft Company Expands HondaJet Sales to Europe

GREENSBORO, North Carolina, USA - Honda Aircraft Company, Inc., today announced plans to expand sales of HondaJet to Europe, beginning in May at the annual EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Honda's decision to expand sales of its advanced light jet to the rapidly growing European market is a direct response to strong demand for HondaJet since the jet first went on sale in 2006 in the United States.

Offering class-leading performance, fuel efficiency, interior cabin space and cargo capacity, HondaJet is well-suited to meet the needs of European business and personal light jet owners and operators. The HondaJet delivers a maximum cruise speed of 420KTAS (483 mph / 773 kph) with luxurious accommodation for five passengers and two crew in its executive configuration, including a fully private lavatory.

HondaJet incorporates many innovative technological advances in aviation design, including a unique over-the-wing engine-mount configuration that dramatically improves aircraft performance and fuel efficiency by significantly reducing aerodynamic drag in flight.

This innovative approach to airframe design also lowers ground-detected noise when overhead and allows for a more spacious cabin and greater cargo capacity. The HondaJet is powered by two highly fuel efficient GE Honda HF120 turbofan jet engines.

"We are excited to initiate sales in Europe, where we have received a steady stream of inquiries from interested customers who will now have the opportunity to reserve delivery of a HondaJet," said Michimasa Fujino, Honda Aircraft Company president and CEO. "We are committed to providing our customers in Europe with both a class-leading product and a sales and service support system that exceed their expectations for private jet ownership and travel."

Honda recently expanded HondaJet sales throughout North America, announcing the establishment of a sales and service strategy for Mexico and Canada. "The expansion of HondaJet sales to Europe is an important step in the continued evolution of our business strategy, which seeks to address the extensive world-wide demand for HondaJet," said Fujino.

Further details regarding the HondaJet European sales and service support strategy and delivery timing will be released by Honda on May 20, 2008, at EBACE.

About HondaJet

Honda Aircraft Company began U.S. sales of the HondaJet in October 2006 and quickly amassed orders for well over 100 units. HondaJet is Honda's first-ever commercial aircraft and lives up to the company's reputation for dynamic performance together with superior efficiency, delivering class-topping cruise speed and fuel efficiency, greater luggage capacity and a more spacious cabin with seating for up to eight people, compared to other similarly sized jet aircraft. All major assembly and testing of the prototype HondaJet has been conducted at the company's existing Greensboro, North Carolina, USA facility, which opened in 2001 as an extension of Honda's global R&D operations.

Working closely with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Honda Aircraft Company anticipates its first test flight of a conforming model in early 2009, with the overall timetable calling for the achievement of type certification in 2010. The company is scheduled to begin deliveries of HondaJet to U.S. customers in 2010. European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification is being pursued concurrently with FAA certification.

All HondaJet customer deliveries will take place at Honda Aircraft Company's new world delivery center, currently under construction along with its new world headquarters, R&D facility and production plant at the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina. The world headquarters and R&D facility are scheduled for completion in summer 2008, with the production plant and delivery center scheduled to be completed in late 2009.

Worldwide HondaJet pilot training will be conducted in partnership with Flight Safety International, which will include the development of a Level-D full-motion flight simulator for HondaJet. The first simulator will be installed at Honda Aircraft Company's new headquarters facility. Additional training facilities will be established in the future as HondaJet sales continue to grow.

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(April 17, 2008)

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